This year we are having a pre-party on Friday night and it starts at 7:00 pm. This gives more bands the opportunity to play and people coming in from out of town have a place to stay if they wanna party and camp. Camping is free everyone on Friday night AND Saturday. So if you feel like gettin the party started early this year come up to Chilleen’s on 17 in Black Canyon City. We’ll have 3 bands playing Friday which include David Allen and Old School Logic, David Romero and Arizona Territory and The James Parks Band.


For the Run to Waylon’s grave we will be rallying at 9:00 am at Gypsy’s Road House located off the 143 and McDowell at 5122 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 8500. Pack leaves at 10:00 am to head to the Mesa Cemetery to pay our respects to Waylon. From there, we will ride up to Chilleen’s on 17 in Black Canyon City to party. This year we have a special guest coming to hangout at the Waylon Run. As some of you may already know, Sonny Barger is a big fan of Waylon Jennings. So this year he is gonna come hang out and do a book/dvd signing.


The party and music start at 12:00 pm at Chilleen’s on 17 located at 33150 S Coldwater Rd Black Canyon City, AZ 85324. Valley Fever Country Music is joining forces with us again this year to bring you the best local country bands Phoenix has to offer. DJ Dana is back spinnin all your favorite country tunes in between sets. See below for the band roster.

Performing at the 5th Annual Waylon Run for Valley Fever Outbreak!

Trailer Queen – 9PM

Trailer Queen is a Classic Country/Honky Tonk band based in Phoenix, Arizona, founded by singer/songwriter Brea Burns. Backed by a rotating cast of some of the best Classic Country and Rockabilly musicians the city has to offer, Trailer Queen has become a prominent band in the Arizona Country music scene. Trailer Queen have had the honor of sharing the stage with some of today’s genuine Country artists; such as Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, and Ray Lawrence Jr, among others. They can be found performing every Wednesday night at The Western, a local honky-tonk in Scottsdale, as well as many other venues in Arizona and beyond. Check em out at

Tommy Ash – 7:30PM

The Tommy Ash Band is right here in Phoenix, AZ! She was actually born and raised here too. Some of us saw her open up for Dwight Yoakam in Tucson not to long ago, and they were awesome! We’ve seen her perform many times here in AZ and were honored that she down to play at The Waylon Run. Her influences include Dwight Yoakam, Wanda Jackson, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Dale Watson, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Jerry lee Lewis and many more. You know its gonna be good. Check them out at

Jeremy Manley’s “The Outlaw” – Waylon Tribute – 5PM – 7PM

J Manley is the lead man of The Outlaw – A Tribute to Waylon Jennings. J. Manley has been in the Seattle music scene since 1991. Starting his career prior to, at age 5 with guitar lessons, his first love was Rock-N-Roll which quickly turned to Classical music. Country Music was always around, from Barbara Mandrel, to Kenny Rogers, to Willie and Merle. J. P.  has played in many bands as lead and supporting guitar, keys and vocals including Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils, Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity and many more. Waylons music just feels like home. Website

Kevin Daly’s Chicken and Waffles – 4:00PM

Kevin Daly is a songwriting, guitar playing, band leading, Trailboss that has been haunting the venues of Phoenix, AZ and the Southwest proper for nigh on 30 years. He has played in several successful local bands like The Hoods, The Geezers, Hellfire, Trophy Husbands and at present Grave Danger and Kevin Daly’s Chicken & Waffles. He has written the bulk of the material for all these great bands as well songs for other friends and artists.Check out their Facebook at

Jayke Orvis – 3:15 PM

A native of Milwaukee, WI, Jayke Orvis has been setting and raising the bar for punks-turned-pickers ever since his days in .357 String Band -of which he is a founding and former member. Known for his lightning quick mandolin picking, he effortlessly infuses punk, rock, blues, gypsy, honky-tonk, bluegrass and old-time to develop a style all his own, helping to define the sound of a genre while simultaneously, making it all that much more difficult to pin a name onto. After leaving .357 String Band in 2007,  he joined the Goddamn Gallows, who he toured and recorded with for 5 years before forming Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band. For the Waylon show he will be performing solo versions of songs created with all three of these bands over the past ten years.

Junction 10 – 2PM

We’ve seen Junction 10 play many times and we’re honored that they’ll be performing at the Waylon Run. Junction 10 is a traditional Honky-Tonk band for the modern age. Steeped in the ways of old timey dance hall/ bar room melody Robert Perez set to recreate the music he was raised on. Backed by the tight knit rhythm laid by Ryan Rice and Chuck Pritchett. Perez’ vocals and Dave Eras steely guitar bends make for the bands signature sound. Junction 10 is becoming a Honky-Tonk favorite across Arizona. Check their profile and songs out at

Dog of the Moon – 1PM

Dog of the Moon is the stage name of singer- songwriter Aaron Carl Swensen of Jerome, Arizona. Inspired by the musical legends of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan & Neil Young, Dog of the Moon specializes in his own cosmic blend of ‘Country Folk Rock Blues with an Outlaw Hippie Attitude’. His unique collection of original tunes include slow, reflective ballads, mid-tempo country ramblersand heavy, outrageous rockers. Upon hearing Dog of the Moon, one may recall a time long ago when life was simpler, people were friendlier, and the music was much more meaningful…Do not pass up this exciting opportunity to have the Dog of the Moon work his musical magic upon you. Check out his website at

David Allen & Old School Logic – FRIDAY – 7PM

David Allen is a local resident of Black Canyon City and also a friend of ours. After a brief pause  from the Outlaw Country Band Tumbleweed Junction, Co founder of the band David Allen has teamed up with some great friends and started the newly formed ” David Allen & Old School Logic”. The band is, David Allen, Paul Burns, Big Jim, Leon, and Walter. It’s all about the music they’ll tell ya! And their music ranges from good ol country to classic rock. You’re in store for some Old School Logic.

Danny Romero – FRI – 9PM

Danny Romero. Arizona Native. Arizona Cowpuncher. Rodeo Cowboy. After suffering an above knee amputation required to survive Necrotiizing Faciitis, the deadly “ Flesh Eating Bacteria” he contracted while workin cattle on the Sevens Ranch, and after a 2 year recovery he has made it back to the stage! Singing his brand of what he calls “Rebel-Billy” music. In his words “ the punk rock of Mike Ness I grew up on, Hank Williams, and whole lot of Waylon mixed in”. Writing such originals as “Mama Raised An Outlaw” Danny knows his crowd. Back off the range and on the stage, Danny and his band “Arizona Territory ” are putting the “Western” back in country and proud to be a part of The Waylon Run 2015! Check’m out at


DJ Dana is a good friend of ours and were psyched that she is joining forces with us this year to bring you and even bigger and better event with more live music and entertainment. Do you wish you were around to see Johnny Paycheck, Waylon, Merle, George Jones, Gene Watson, Marty Robbins and the like in their heyday? Well DJ Dana spins old country records and presents the best in real country bands from Arizona and around the country. Every Sunday night, and sometimes more. Every year Dana puts on an ALL day event called Valley Fever Quarantine where anywhere from 10 – 14 country bands play ALL day long. So for The Waylon Run she’s calling it Valley Fever Outbreak! Escape the city and come camp out and listen to the best real country in Arizona!


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2015 Waylon Run



If you can't make the run this year that's ok, you can make a donation by clicking the donate button. A portion of all donations will go towards the charity



  Friday: Pre-Party at Chilleen's on 17 and camping.
  Saturday:9:00am rally at Gypsy's Road House and then ride to Waylon's grave. Then we ride to Chilleen's on 17 for the show. Bands start at 1:00pm, Bands s
  Sunday: Hangover ride down the stree to the Chill Grill for breakfast. .



Have questions still? Feel free to contact us via our Contact page.


Event Info

Schedule: SATURDAY APR 2nd: We are rallying at the Los Santos MC clubhouse, The Chapel, on Saturday morning at 10:00 am located at 1746 E Madison #5, Phoenix, AZ 85034. The pack will leave at 11:00 am to head to Waylon’s grave at Mesa Cemetery. After that, we will ride up to Chilleen’s on 17 up